GebouwSince the foundation by Petrus Gallon in 1919, our company and our range of products has known an extensible growth due to the mechanisation and automation of the industry. During the last decades the company has grown from a one-man business to the buzzing bee-hive; with its' specialized crew and a 24/24h availability.

In 1979 the two warehouses in the St.-Amandstraat were getting too small. Since then we moved to the new site in the Mariastraat.
From out this 1700mē warehouse we can provide the industry 4 generations of experience and knowledge.

By choosing a site with a large parking facility, the former park problems were a fact of the past. By telephone, e-mail, fax and modems our clients can enquire us, even out of business hours by means of a permanency. A large warehouse and its' logical sub-divisions result in up-to-date stock-levels and availability. We strongly believe in holding stock since we use "time is money" and "Nur Qualität hat Zukunft" as our credo.


Basic rule: "The production may never stop".
With this spirit in mind, our young but experienced team of specialists cope with technical demands concerning bearings, transmissions and transportation-problems. Herewith our engineering department meets with the clearly growing demand to support the industry in their demand for technical support and external expertise. Due to this service we became well known not only in Belgium, but even abroad.

To have our service run at the outmost efficiency, our logistical services are fully automated. Our staff is supported by the most advanced systems helping them to handle with technical calculations, billing, stock-optimalisation and -control. Together with these systems we are able to maintain our market-share and even try to improve it.

Mechanical Transmissions
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